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5 Reasons to Build with Oak

At Green Oak Carpentry, our passion is creating spectacular timber structures. We make whole houses, extensions, conservatories, bridges, pool barns and more besides. We do this all over the country and occasionally further afield in continental Europe. Here are a few reasons why an Oak frame is a great idea.

Oak Frames are Quick!
A lot of attention has been given in construction to offsite manufacture to speed up the building process. Well, guess what? Carpenters have been doing it for over 800 years! As in times gone by, we ‘lay up’ the oak frame accurately on the workshop floor and pre-assemble. Every joint is fitted to ensure it is perfect before leaving our yard. Once on site, the frame is assembled with a crane and a team of carpenters – often in a few days – and the building can then be clad and weathered in quickly.

Oak Frame House Internal | Green Oak CarpentryOak Frames Look Great
A well-built and engineered structure is vital, but we all want the finished product to look great too! Oak is not only a high-quality building material, it also looks luxurious. In the home, the beautiful smooth texture of the wood and wonderful colour variations can be used with modern or traditional décor. Oak brings character, warmth and a cosy feel to any building.

Your Frame will Outlast You!
Unlike the ‘Middle Pig’s’ house, a well designed Oak frame will last for many years. In fact there is no limit on the longevity of Oak on the proviso it lies within the envelope of the building and is protected from the weather. Oak has a durable classification, is very strong and is highly resistant to decay. You will of course need to maintain it but that would be the case with any building.

Timber Structure | Green Oak CarpentrySay ‘YES’ to Eco-Friendly
Timber is the only truly renewable building material and does in fact grow on trees! Young growing trees sequester much more carbon than mature trees, and contrary to popular belief, the more timber we use the greater the forest cover in Europe will be. This is because our timber industry in Europe is world class, and the foresters are planning the planting of trees to meet demand not just for next year, but in the decades to come. Oak frames require no chemical treatments, wood boring beetles will not eat the heart-wood as it is too hard, and the tannins in oak are its own natural defence against decay.

Oak Frame Kitchen | Green Oak CarpentryThe Versatile Cost Effective Material
The versatility of oak is undeniable. Not only is it a trusted material for building frames, it is widely used to make long lasting furniture, flooring and much more. Oak easily combines with other building materials to create the perfect look for your dream home. This versatility means that oak is ideal for a wide range of structures from oak frame houses and pool barns, through to bridges and gridshells. Costs might not be as much as you imagine, and given the speed and ease with which these structures can be finished, we think they represent great value.

What next? Are you considering an oak framed building or structure and need some advice? We would be happy to discuss your project with you and answer any questions you have. Contact us, we are here to help.