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Douglas Fir in yard

The yard has currently taken on a distinctive golden hue and an unmistakable resin smell.

As a company we are very proud to have been involved with numerous framing projects over the years, from the huge to the tiny and all sizes in between, ordinary and obscure, old and new, however every now and again something comes along a little different and it causes a bit of a stir.

We have just taken delivery of around 22 tonnes of planed Douglas Fir glowing in all its orangey glory, particularly when contrasted with the pale straw colour of the Oak, and this combined with the delightful resinous waft of Christmas trees is something worth writing a few notes about. A different material needs a different approach and careful consideration for all aspects of its fabrication.

The timber was supplied by East Brothers in Salisbury and is destined to form the structural frame for a new farm shop development in Blandford, Dorset. It won’t be in the yard for long as programme is tight and we are cracking on but for now we can bask in the amber glow, especially with the beautiful summer sunsets. Further news and photos of this interesting project will be published shortly.