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The Right Building Professionals

By 5 September 2018News

There is no denying the route of a house building project is often long and it will have some bumps along the way, we’ve all seen Grand Designs! But, choosing the right professionals who you feel comfortable working with, should offer a rewarding and overall satisfying experience.

ArchitectYour architect should be able to take you from your early design ideas, through all the various stages of planning, into fully detailed construction drawings and project administration. It is their job to make sure the building realises your aspirations, is both structurally and aesthetically well designed, safe to build and meets or exceeds all current building regulations. It is certainly beneficial to work with an architect who is already familiar with oak framed buildings, as the fundamental approach will be second nature, but we are also happy to work with your own architect should you already have someone in mind. At Green Oak Carpentry, we supply a full architectural service that you can rely on from start to finish.

Oak FramerAs an Oak framing company, we will use the architect’s plans for the house and develop them into a fully functioning Oak frame design. We draw on hundreds of years of inspiration when designing the frame and adopt tried and tested styles and techniques, for both traditional and contemporary projects. We can offer to create visualisations of the frame within the building before starting, which allow you to see your ideas in 3D, making sure you are happy with the design. These also clearly show what we are providing and what will be required from the other trades. All our carpenters are knowledgeable craftsmen and experienced frame erectors. Have a look at our testimonials and we’d be pleased to show you our portfolio of completed work.

Direct GlazingIt seems obvious, but when constructing an oak framed building it is important to employ other contractors who understand Oak frames and can work with this construction method. We believe in the importance of open communication between ourselves and clients, to discuss and expand on their ideas and to contribute to a successful project. We strive to produce an Oak frame that not only looks fantastic but also delivers all the necessary structural elements around which your other suppliers will form the rest of the house, making the job of the following on trades as straightforward as possible.

We pride ourselves on our passion, expertise and experience, enabling us to deliver the best customer experience and beautiful Oak structures. If you want more information or to discuss a project, contact us today!