Oak is a naturally robust and hard-wearing material, formally classified by TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association) as durable, and is readily available in a wide range of section sizes and lengths.

Once the lifeblood of industrial Britain, the canal network of today is still very much in service and The Green Oak Carpentry Company is proud to play its role in keeping some of these distinct waterways alive. Every set of lock gates is as unique as its environment and they are built by our carpenters to the exact specifications of the lock they are to serve.

This combination of carpentry and engineering has remained unchanged for hundreds of years, and over the course of its twenty-five year-or-so lifespan, a lock gate will be subjected to considerable water pressure and wear and tear. You might say this application demands the best of what green oak has to offer: strength, resilience, and the ability to control and harness the power within nature.

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