We do work all over the United Kingdom and Europe. Frames are prefabricated in our framing yards and transported to site for assembly virtually anywhere. We have built several frames in France and have a carpentry team working for us in Bas Normandy.

Estimating the frame is the easy part, we often work off planning drawings or even sketches provided by you. General build costs can be calculated on an assumed build cost per square metre. Get in contact via our email or telephone number.

Our conversations and site visits are free and without obligation. In some circumstances we may charge for consultancy work such as surveys of historic structures, 3D computer models, and design work but only if extensive and complex.

Yes. We offer a full architectural service in house. Our Architects are bound by the RIBA code of conduct and will always put your interests first, however in employing our Architect the assumption is that you will want to build in timber.

The Green Oak Carpentry Company has an excellent reputation for quality and service. We are the only company who has won the Wood Awards Gold three times, two of our projects have been on the Stirling Prize short list and we have many satisfied clients. We can put you in touch with former clients who will talk to you and help you to come to your own conclusions, please talk to us, we are knowledgeable, friendly and want to help.

We require a 10% deposit to place the order and book a slot in our fabrication programme. We will discuss programme and all your requirements with you and your architect (if applicable) to get things under way. For a medium sized project like a small house frame or large extension it usually takes 8 weeks to achieve signed off drawings at which time timber can be ordered. All our work is bespoke, there are no standard components and each frame is unique.

Yes. We carry Professional Indemnity insurance to the sum of £500,000 for each and every claim.

Yes, all our frames carry a warranty against defective workmanship and materials for 6 years. Problems are very rare but if they do occur we take this very seriously and do our utmost to make sure all is well. 

There are two usual routes to achieving this:

  1. Employ an architect. A full service includes; planning submission, detailed design and contract administration. Once the building is complete the architects produces a final certificate and your project becomes insured under the architects ‘Professional Indemnity’ insurance.
  2. Alternatively companies like NHBC, Zurich, Building Plans and others insure buildings with oak frames without much difficulty, on the proviso that the building is well designed and executed.

Oak frames are ideal for this purpose. Once the sub-structure works are complete and the frame has been assembled by us, the cladding and roof work, internal finishes, etc., can be completed at your leisure. Sometimes frames are left unclad in the open for a number of years before finishing. This represents no problem at all and may actually be beneficial as it slows the drying of the frame.