Oak Frame Design

At The Green Oak Carpentry Company, oak frame design is our passion. With 30+ years of experience and a team of highly skilled craftsmen and designers, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional bespoke oak frames. Our expert team collaborates with you to understand your vision, providing innovative design solutions that blend seamlessly with your property’s architecture. Our attention to detail, precision craftsmanship, and deep understanding of oak as a material enable us to craft beautiful, durable, and timeless oak frames.


We pride ourselves on using only the finest quality fresh sawn green oak in our carpentry projects. Fresh sawn green oak refers to oak timber that has been recently cut from the tree and has not undergone any drying or seasoning processes. Green oak is characterized by its high moisture content, typically around 50-60% or even higher. This distinctive material possesses exceptional strength, durability, and character, making it a preferred choice for traditional and contemporary construction.

It’s important to note that fresh sawn green oak will naturally undergo changes as it dries and seasons over time. As the moisture content reduces, the wood will shrink, which can lead to slight movement, cracks, and checks. This is a normal process for green oak as it acclimates to its environment. To minimize potential issues with shrinkage and movement, green oak is often used in appropriate jointing techniques, such as traditional mortise and tenon joints, which allow for some flexibility and movement without compromising the overall stability of the structure.


Fresh sawn oak is an excellent sustainable construction material due to its renewable nature and low carbon footprint. Sourced from responsibly managed forests, oak trees are continually replanted, ensuring a constant supply. Its inherent durability and long lifespan enables the development of enormous structures that have been known to stand the test of time. By choosing fresh sawn oak, we prioritize eco-friendly building practices, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible construction industry.

Why Choose an Oak Frame?

There are numerous reasons why oak frames continue to be a popular choice for construction and renovation projects:

Timeless Characteristics:

Oak possesses a natural elegance that never goes out of style. Its warm tones and distinctive design capabilities add character and charm to any space, making it a preferred choice for both traditional and contemporary designs.


Oak is renowned for its strength and resilience. When properly maintained, oak frames can last for generations, making them a valuable long-term investment.


As advocates of sustainable practices, we prioritize using environmentally friendly materials. Oak is a renewable resource that reduces the carbon footprint of your project.


Oak frames offer versatility in design, enabling us to create intricate structures with curved elements, dramatic vaulted ceilings, and open-plan living spaces.

Structural Integrity:

The structural integrity of oak frames is exceptional, providing stable and secure constructions that require minimal maintenance.

Increased Property Value:

Incorporating an oak frame into your property can significantly enhance its value and desirability in the real estate market.

At The Green Oak Carpentry Company, we are passionate about creating exceptional oak frame structures that embody sustainability, craftsmanship, and beauty. Whether you are embarking on a new build, extension, or renovation project, our team of skilled artisans are here to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and experience the timeless allure of green oak craftsmanship.