Pool Barns

Oak frames make fabulous pool bans and provide our team here with a great opportunity to showcase what an oak frame is capable of.

The extraordinary beauty of such structures when achieving large spans and single open volumes of space is evident on these pages. Traditional aisled barns, like the many thousands of such building up and down the country, are in their basic form, ideal. The main arcade posts such as those in Marley Manor pool barn, can be set either side of the pool and the side aisles used as access around the pool. Alternatively you may prefer a single large span structure such as the Normandie pool barn.

We have completed buildings with spans well in excess of 12 metres, and as to length, that is simply a matter of adding bays until the right overall length is achieved. Bay spans will typically be 3 to 4.5 metres and there is a huge amount of choice as to truss type, be it a cruck, sling brace, hammer beam, King post, crown post or Queen post; all are shown here on this website.

We have worked with numerous specialist pool architecture companies over the years to great success as these project show. We are enthusiastic and knowledgeable and we are keen to be of assistance.

Belchambers Swimming Pool


Bramfield Pool Barn


Fir Farm Pool


Harefold Park Pool Barn


Marley Manor Pool Barn




Park House Hotel Pool Barn


The Cottage Pool Barn


"Just a quick note to say thank you for sending such a great team to do the work. As well as clearly being very hardworking and hugely skilled, Mick, Andy, Clark and Dave were all exceptionally pleasant, considerate and cheerful guys to have around, and as such a huge credit to Green Oak."

Julia, Crabfields Farm

"Seems a long time since we finished with the garden room project but we have to say that it has been a huge success in every aspect. The room has become the place of choice for visitors. I can guarantee that everyone, yes everyone who visits, is blown away by the frame."

Mel, Moat Farm

"Everyone is very impressed with the finished result and I thought I would just take the opportunity of belatedly giving my thanks to you and your team for a job very well done. I have submitted the bridge for a Civic Society award for next year and have every expectation of its success."

P White, Northholt & Greenford Countryside Park Manager

"Just to say that it looks fabulous, and all who survey it are wonder-struck. Best wishes and many thanks to you all."

Simon, National Trust

"I wanted to drop you a quick note to show my appreciation for your guys efforts today; they were a pleasure to have around the house and worked hard to get the frame up today."

Paul, Contracts Manager