Marley Manor Pool Barn

This pool enclosure boasts a timeless design featuring side aisles and King post trusses. However, a notable innovation is the incorporation of a highly efficient stainless steel ‘gib and cotter’ tensioning system, effectively connecting the foot of the King post to the tie beam. The mastermind behind this remarkable structure is local architect Robert Trembath, renowned for his exceptional contributions in the region’s architecture.

Apart from the pool barn itself, our endeavours extended to crafting a stair tower and a fitness studio adjoining the main pool area. These images, captured during the prefabrication phase in our workshop, showcase the conical roof of the stair tower, anchored by a prominent octagonal roof post. This post elegantly intersects with the top plate of the fitness studio, creating a seamless integration.

The primary roof frame of the main pool barn is captured here, meticulously assembled and prepared for the final step of cutting and pitching the oak rafters. The complexity of roof structures necessitates pre-assembly in the workshop, a practice that ensures efficiency during on-site installation.

In this photograph, the hip end of the main pool barn takes centre stage, flanked by the roof structures of the stairs tower and fitness studio. As these structures near completion, they stand ready to be handed over to the builder for the final cladding phase.

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