Fir Farm Pool

Fir Farm Pool building, nestled in the Cotswolds, showcases the charm of natural Cotswold stone construction adorned with riven stone roof tiles. The meticulous craftsmanship extends to the finely detailed oak frame that harmonizes seamlessly with the surroundings.

The arced collar braced trusses are gracefully supported by corbels embedded in the thick stone walls, an embodiment of traditional artistry. These trusses elegantly bear the weight of twin purlins and two tiers of wind braces. A masterful touch is observed in the close-boarded oak ceiling set over oak rafters, exemplifying the artful execution of this design approach.

The staircase, while not crafted by Green Oak Carpentry, stands as a testament to exceptional woodworking. The wedged through tenons, linking support braces to handrail posts, demonstrate a level of skill that resonates with the overall quality of the project. The floor beams, an integral part of our frame, display intricate detailing, heavily chamfered with artistic stopped mouldings adorning their ends.

In the fitness studio, a familiar upper cruck truss graces the space, akin to the Sawmill Offices and Chantry’s Barn. This choice resonates with clients desiring an intimate connection with carpentry craftsmanship. Its incorporation within a storey and a half frame demonstrates a harmonious interplay with the adjacent stone farmhouse.

With decorative nuances like cranked and tapered collars and curved, tapered Queen struts, this truss encapsulates the essence of the overall elegant frame housed within a meticulously detailed structure.

Architect: SCHD Ltd.

Builder:  Symm & Company Ltd.

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