Belchambers Swimming Pool

Highlighted here is a compelling illustration of how the sling-braced truss concept enriches the construction of a picturesque pool barn. Air-dried oak stub ties seamlessly connect the top plates and cranked, tapered collars of the sling braces, exemplifying the growing popularity of this truss style.

The external view captures the pool barn’s charm, with prominent oak weatherboarding complemented by direct glazing on the elongated end wall. Further enhancing the ambience, oak sarking boarding evokes the sensation of an upturned boat. For a flawless finish, both the frame and boarding underwent sandblasting, effectively eliminating blemishes while achieving a harmonious colour match. This embodiment of meticulous design and craftsmanship underscores the successful utilization of the sling-braced truss in crafting an inviting pool barn.

Architect: The Green Oak Carpentry Company

Builder: All Pools and Spas Ltd.

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