A harmonious blend of standing seam aluminium, clay tile roofing, black stained timber boarding, brick, flint, and glass results in an artful fusion that perfectly complements one another. The Oak frame, now a silver-grey hue, gracefully melds with the surroundings, creating a cohesive link with the landscape.

Substantial glazing, set apart from the Oak frame, rests within a steel framework to ensure stability of the expansive glass panels. Water introduces a gentle vitality, enhancing the architectural form with a harmonious interplay.

Modern scissor braced trusses, adorned with black painted tendons, fashion a captivating atrium that captivates the eye. A pergola provides a shaded haven for al fresco dining. Observe the steel flitch plates integrated into the post bases, extending through the decking to the concrete pad foundations. This strategic placement elevates the timber above the splash zone, contributing to its prolonged lifespan. The overall composition is a testament to thoughtful design and skilful execution, creating a symbiotic relationship between architectural elements and the natural environment.

Architect: Morse Webb Solway Brown Architects

Builder: RW Armstrong

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