Old Postings

Constructed in 2016, this charming frame was crafted for Bob Trembath of Trembath Associates, an architect with whom we share a longstanding collaboration. After working together on various upscale projects, Bob decided it was time to commission a frame for his personal use.

The frame design is a unique take on a sling-braced truss, featuring splay-jowled main posts, lap-dovetailed stub ties, cranked and tapered collars, king posts with flared heads, and ridge braces. The combination of these elements results in an exceptionally attractive design.

Noteworthy embellishments, including corner bead moldings with splay stops and ogee moldings with plain stops, add intricate detailing to the frame. The overall success of this design is evident, creating a beautiful dining area adjacent to the kitchen. The frame stands as a testament to both the collaboration with Bob Trembath and the skillful execution of a design that seamlessly merges functionality with aesthetics.

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