Upper Green Farm

This compact frame, measuring approximately 6.5 x 14m, boasts a diagrid roof structure crafted from fresh sawn oak beams connected with embedded steel plates. A mezzanine serves as a sleeping and seating area, with a bathroom and storage below. Providing additional accommodation for the main thatched cottage, this well-designed structure maintains roof pitch continuity, fostering harmony between the two buildings. The masonry wall, offset from the barn roof, welcomes top light through concealed glazing.

Effective lighting enhances the space’s appeal, with floor-level uplighters illuminating columns, pendant lighting casting ambient glow, and high-level spotlights accentuating the warmth of the timber. The stairway’s strategic positioning behind the mezzanine creates an illuminated backdrop to the sleeping zone, complete with discreet blinds for privacy.

Complex structural challenges are managed through steel flitch plates at main rafter and column junctions, evident in technical drawings. The result is a beautifully executed building, a testament to the collaboration of all involved. Subtle steel ties, concealed within the gable end wall, prevent column spread, while thoughtful design unites contemporary elements with the historic thatched cottage. The extension’s materials are thoughtfully chosen to complement the existing structures, and a timber rain-screen enhances the gable frame’s aesthetic.

Architect: Melt Design Hub

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