Rooksnest comprises farm offices, storage facilities, and a fitness barn within a large estate. The integration of an ambulatory with the main barn has taken the form of a side aisle. The use of direct glazed gable dormers and gabled elevations is evident in the picture, strategically introducing high-level natural light. These well-executed glazing features are designed to offer long-term, low-maintenance performance.

An instance of a base cruck frame is also observed here. In this case, the crucks do not meet at their apex; instead, they connect to a collar with supplementary braces, forming an appealing open truss design. Note the inclusion of cruck spurs or interrupted stub ties that join the top plates of the frame, effectively countering the roof’s thrust.

The internal view provides a glimpse of a gabled dormer and a partly glazed gable truss. Incorporating a range of light sources within a space adds dynamism, resulting in a more engaging and lively environment.

Architect: Sutton Griffin Architects

Builder: Deacon & Jones LLP

(Image courtesy and copyright of Sutton Griffin Architects)

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