Roydon Mill Marina

The lock gates at Roydon Mill Marina are a little different from our other projects. Where the gates of an old lock typically provide the template for their replacements, these were the first set ever to be installed at this location. Supplied as part of the construction and development of a new privately funded lock, the gates give access from the River Stort into a 32-acre lake, besides which sits Roydon Mill Marina village and its moorings.

The Green Oak Carpentry Company undertook all aspects of the fabrication of these lock gates, including the metalwork and handrails. Much in the same way the construction of the lock itself uses a centuries old traditional form of structure, our carpentry applies time-honoured techniques which have proven themselves over hundreds of years. Just north of central London, the marina has a capacity to berth up to 315 vessels, with a hotel, holiday lodges, residential park home estate, restaurant and café bar on site.

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