Stowe Bridge

Stowe House and Gardens stand as cherished gems within the National Trust, boasting a grade one listed landscape shaped by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. In collaboration with The Morton Partnership, The Green Oak Carpentry Company, commissioned by the National Trust, meticulously recreated a historic structure spanning 18 meters in Stowe House Gardens.

This bridge, with its multi-span design, features caissons immersed in the lake to anchor Greenheart columns. The choice of FSC Greenheart, renowned for durability, ensures longevity despite constant water exposure. The superstructure, crafted from prime fresh-sawn oak for robustness, naturally develops expected surface fissures as the timber dries.

Assembly necessitated a telescopic crane, as seen during the lifting of handrail sections. Visible concrete ring beams atop caissons await removal. This project exemplifies a harmonious blend of historic replication, specialized engineering, and natural resilience, contributing to the illustrious beauty of Stowe House and Gardens.

Architect: The Morton Partnership Ltd.

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