Aldenham School

The recently erected structure has enriched the school’s musical curriculum by providing exceptional rehearsal rooms and performance areas, attesting to the school’s strong focus on music education.

Overcoming the challenges posed by the valley’s engineering requirements, we devised an innovative solution – a trussed valley accompanied by a concealed tie rod within the floor plate. This inventive approach enhances stability, particularly addressing the vulnerability of the hammer beam truss to spreading under load.

Introducing a contemporary twist to the classic hammer beam truss, the incorporation of a stainless steel tie enhances the truss’s resilience. This design adaptation addresses historical concerns about load distribution.

Employing fritted glass panels, solar gain is mitigated, ensuring optimal comfort within the structure. This specific section of the building serves as a casual performance area, featuring expansive doors that open to extend the available space.

Intriguing portholes offer glimpses into adjacent rooms, fostering a sense of curiosity and interconnectedness within the structure.

Irrespective of one’s perspective on modern architecture, the building’s undeniable triumph significantly enriches the school’s array of performance and rehearsal spaces. Its successful integration elevates the quality and versatility of the school’s artistic facilities.

Architect: Hub Architects

Builder: Mansell CSL

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