Windmill Hill Farm

Completed in 2012, this structure features a stress skin diagrid crafted from 300 x 70 oak glulam beams with crown cut oak veneers, forming innovative planar trusses resembling a contemporary twist on a traditional barn roof. Each roof plane’s primary, secondary, and tertiary beams are intricately arranged, CNC jointed with precision stepped housings.

A large sliding roof canopy safeguarded the beams during assembly, and the top ply layer consisted of large custom sheets for efficiency. The client’s vision of an elegant, joint-free roof resembling fine furniture was masterfully achieved with sawn oak veneers.

Vertical timber staves create a Brise Soleil, minimizing solar gain and glare. This modern architectural marvel, ingeniously engineered, demanded seamless collaboration between builder and carpenter for impeccable craftsmanship, notably credited to Kingerlee Builders. The structure’s excellence led it to win The Green Oak Carpentry Company its third Wood Awards Gold, a testament to their achievements.

Architect: Stephen Marshall Associates

Builder: Kingerlee Ltd.

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