The Lookout

Architect: David Morely Architects

Builder: Fairhust Ward Abbott

Three sets of 22-meter primary roof beams are supported by tree assemblies and interconnected within the roof structure to prevent spreading. The Green Oak Carpentry Company collaborated extensively with David Morley Architects in a negotiated contract. Timber stud exterior walls feature paired columns joined by steel plates and bolts to minimize cold bridging.

Flitch plates connect to column heads and spars using steel pins. Shrinkage effects on green oak columns are demonstrated in images from Andrew Holloway’s book ‘Green Oak in Construction.’ Boring the heart of beams mitigates shrinkage. A Counter Bladed Scarf serves as a strong joint for continuous 22-meter roof beams.

Named ‘The Lookout,’ the building in Hyde Park replaces the old police station and features plant and insect motifs, fitting as an ecological educational centre. An intensive green roof and eco features align with The Royal Parks Foundation’s aspirations. Underneath, water cisterns feed St James’s Park fountains. The structure blends well in the landscape and incorporates WWII rubble for elevation.

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