Burstow Park Farm

Belonging to the National Trust, this Ox Barn, believed to originate from the mid 16th century, stands as an exemplary three-bay stable/barn featuring tack storage and an overhead hay loft. The foreground showcases the cart pond, ingeniously designed with a sloped side and sturdy base to enable carts to be backed in. This practice allowed timber wheels to tighten as they absorbed water, preventing looseness over time.

The barn’s interior view reveals the access hatch to the hay loft, complete with a well-preserved ladder. Repairs for the National Trust were undertaken by Green Oak Carpentry in 2017, highlighting the Trust as valued clients.

The spine beam, extending along the barn’s length, is visible, joining the end wall’s top plate through a centrally positioned jowl post. This feature likely aided the support of heavy hay loads in the loft. Clever design includes a slot in the floor for easy hay distribution to the animals below.

An eye-catching Sampson Post centrally supports the spine beams, skillfully crafted from a single timber section. Intricate chamfers, mouldings, and hand-forged brackets enhance its charm.

Assembly marks IIIV and IIV, denoted by ‘race knife’ cuts, adorn the spine beam, with alternating inverted Vs for clarity. A high-level collar-only trussed roof, butt purlins, and ply decking over existing fragile timber boarding demonstrate thoughtful design and restoration practices, ensuring this historic barn remains accessible and cherished.

Builder: Richard Coles

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