Callow Farm

The barn’s newly restored front elevation stands in harmony with the farmhouse, adorned with an ancient cruck frame possibly dating back to the 12th century. The barn doors, skillfully designed, double as shutters with five diminishing rails and braces on each leaf. Notably, the omission of a swinging stile reduces weight.

This compact 3-bay barn features a central cart entrance. Mezzanines grace both end bays, interconnected by an elevated walkway over the truss tie beams, preserving the barn’s spacious atmosphere. We crafted and installed the four columns supporting the mezzanine, featuring a contemporary appearance with galvanized steel plate joints and subtly exposed fixings.

The blend of polished concrete floors, pristine white surfaces, and the integration of new elements such as sandblasted Oak, galvanized steel, and glass balustrades creates a captivating juxtaposition against the rugged original beams. While sandblasting historic frames is generally discouraged, this project carefully retains the beams’ patina and assembly marks.

This gallery snapshot offers a stunning view of the historic carpentry, highlighting an unconventional roof structure with twin purlins in a distinctive arrangement. Several original rafters had to be replaced due to beetle damage, a decision taken cautiously when deemed unavoidable.

Design excellence is evident, as the glass balustrades gracefully lighten the galleries and staircase, minimizing their impact and elegantly complementing the frame.

Architect: Spratley Studios

Builder: R J Clyde Builder Ltd.

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