Hall Grove School Bothy

The Bothy emerged from a design collaboration with Alastair Graham at Hall Grove School, serving as a valuable addition to the campus. Nestled within the walled garden, it offers a haven for students while engaging in gardening activities.

Crafted in the classic three-bay style, each bay is adorned with pairs of braces, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. The thoughtful alignment of the building with pathways creates captivating vistas of the garden, enhancing the overall experience.

A strategically placed low plinth invites students to settle on benches within the structure, granting them the opportunity to relish the garden views. The exposed tile and batten roofing method, reminiscent of the Pavilion design, showcases the oak common rafters without the need for additional MCL, allowing the King post and ridge braces to shine in their role of reinforcing roof stability.

While the Bothy’s weathering process is still ongoing, its potential is already evident. Functioning as a captivating focal point in the garden, this structure not only enhances the landscape but also provides a serene retreat for contemplation and relaxation.

Architect: The Green Oak Carpentry Company

Builder: Parnell Contractors Ltd.

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