Worth Park

In 2014, Worth Park underwent a meticulous restoration by Crawley Borough Council, harking back to its Victorian splendour. Recognized with a Silver Gilt award at the South and South East in Bloom awards 2015 in the Heritage Parks and Gardens category, the park’s heritage is intertwined with the Montefiore family’s expansive estate. It boasts remarkable works by James Pulham and Son, innovators of ‘Pulhamite’ – a synthetic rock blend of Sand, Portland Cement, and Clinker used to craft rockeries and garden features, as seen at Worth Park. Although Pulham’s recipe was lost with his passing in 1880, successful re-formulation has occurred following careful analysis.

Green Oak Carpentry Company was engaged by Allen Scott Associates Landscape Architects in 2013 to reconstruct a segment of the historic Chamelia Walkway. The walkway, initially roofed and glazed along its length, was partially rebuilt due to cost constraints. The original glass-roofed walkway during the Chamelias’ bloom must have been breathtaking.

Utilizing well air-dried oak for the curved braces, corbels, baluster handrails, and balustrade infill sections, the remaining components were newly sawn. Joint and section designs prioritize water drainage for enhanced durability. Sill, top plate, and handrail sections were meticulously contoured to the existing masonry wall through precise surveys.

The structure’s roofing, replicating the original walkway, includes an opening granting access to Ridleys Court, fostering greater public accessibility to the park. The restoration remains faithful to the original design, employing draw-bored mortise and tenon joints. As a cherished public space, Worth Park is poised to bring enduring delight to generations to come.

Architect: Allen Scott Landscape Architecture

Builder: Blakedown Landscapes Ltd.

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