The Flower Pots

Nestled in Cheriton, Hampshire, The Flower Pots Inn, affectionately known as the “Pots,” embodies a cozy charm that draws in locals and visitors alike. In 2021, we were delighted to team up with this beloved establishment, tasked with designing, crafting, and installing a distinctive oak frame.

Collaborating with The Flower Pots team was a delightful experience, marked by shared enthusiasm and dedication. Working hand in hand, we had the privilege of crafting the external long wall and primary frame, seamlessly blending rustic oak with the inn’s inviting atmosphere.

The primary oak frame features two truncated trusses at either end and three barn-style collared trusses between to form the main dining area. Each cross-frame is adorned with jowl posts and curved collars, imparting character to the structure. The large elevation forming the glazed entrance with arched braces, is an excellent touch, making visitors feel welcome.

Our partnership with The Flower Pots Inn presented a wonderful opportunity to leave our mark on a cherished community hub. We’re thankful for the trust they placed in us and the chance to contribute to the inn’s enduring appeal.

Architect: Masser Architects

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