Lees Farm

A new oak-framed structure, spanning five bays, serves as the replacement for a barn destroyed by fire, functioning as a substantial extension to the farmhouse’s living room. The central bay mimics the original cantilevered porch roof, a traditional barn detail indicative of cart entrances.

The trusses present a contemporary twist on the traditional hammer beam truss, secured with stainless steel tendons and vertical ‘hangers’ from the King post. Noteworthy is the impeccably designed cantilevered staircase with a glass balustrade. Inclined at a 5-degree angle, the hammer beams and tie rods feature an attractive detail commonly found in historic carpentry. This practice, giving tie beams a positive camber, counters negative deflection under load.

A well-designed and finely crafted upper-floor mezzanine and walkway utilize a steel-framed structure supported by the oak frame. The tie rods, enhancing the traditional timber truss, are inserted through threaded ‘barrel bolts’ made of 50mm diameter stainless steel. Traditional chisel-cut carpenters’ ‘assembly marks’ are evident, with each beam bearing a unique number assigned during the prefabrication process to ensure accurate placement and orientation in the final assembly.

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