Lower Ratlake

Completed in 2004 for private clients in Hampshire, this substantial 4-bedroom house stands as an architectural triumph, seamlessly melding various materials to craft a striking family residence. The end bay, adorned entirely in glass, engenders a breathtaking living area that overlooks the garden and extends to the woodland vista.

Post-sandblasting, the frame acquires a gentle pale straw hue, creating a harmonious contrast with the brick-red roof soffit that evokes warmth and texture. The interplay of timber, brick, and glass yields a visually appealing amalgamation. The inclusion of a substantial earth-bermed undercroft not only expands the living space but also elevates the ground floor, giving rise to a spacious terrace.

For the glazed external elevations, a direct glazing system, skillfully installed by specialized experts across the country, ensures the glazing remains unaffected by the oak’s natural movement during drying and shrinking processes. The meticulously conceived design, merging materials and incorporating innovative techniques, contributes to a residence that is as beautiful as it is functional, standing as a testament to architectural excellence.

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