Bradshott Barn

This substantial base cruck frame showcases an early historic Oak frame carpentry style. Sourcing large curved members necessitated a strong collaboration between forester and carpenter. The base cruck exhibits a distinctive design with a high-level collar or yoke, complemented by a braced king post and ridge braces positioned above. Cruck spurs extend from the cruck blades to the top plates, connecting to the truss rafters’ base.

In our practice, most frames undergo sandblasting after enclosure. This procedure eliminates accumulated dirt from the sawing process, softening the surface to a uniform, appealing straw colour.

This elegant home emerged through collaboration with the esteemed local architectural firm Richard Ashby Associates. The frame’s historical charm and meticulous craftsmanship resonate, reflecting our commitment to preserving and elevating early Oak frame carpentry styles.

Architect: Richard Ashby Associates.

Builder: Strongbond Construction Ltd.

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